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Probst VPH Series Vacuum Slab Lifter


Flexible and powerful hand operated laying device for dense products, such as granite or high-quality concrete elements up to 150 kg weight.

Handle for 2 men operation, handles height and width adjustable to accommodate different laying tasks.

Additionally equipped with lifting eyelet for crane hook (only allowed to work near the ground!).

Special energy saving automatic allows a full day of laying operation without the need of recharging.



  • Vacuum pump unit with manometer and suction force indicator.

  • The suction plate seal can be exchanged without glue and any tool within one minute.

  • Complete unit detachable can also be mounted on other devices.

  • Powered by a rechargeable battery 12 V.

  • Battery charging indicator and on/off switch.



VPH-100: Data
Carrying Capacity 100 kg
Dead Weight 16 kg
Suction Plate Dimension 260mm x 210mm
Carrying Capacity 150 kg
Dead Weight 16.5 kg
Suction Plate Dimension 440mm x 250mm