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SKARPER C90 PRO Woodchipper


High-quality components and innovative design make the SKARPER C90 PRO one of the best quality compact chippers on the market.

Easily processes branches up to 90 mm thick. It loves any type of hardwood or softwood and will not block up even with wet leylandii.
Renowned for its incredible chipping speed, excellent reliability and easy maintenance.

The design has been continually improved by our research and development team through years of consultation with professionals in the field. The unique design of the drum and rotor system has been systematically engineered for maximum efficiency and smooth chip exhaust without any choking or blockages. This coupled with the Active Torque Drive® enables the C90 PRO to process more branches in less time than most of its competitors. The efficient design of the SKARPER gives levels of performance with a 13 hp engine which some chippers need much larger engines to match saving you a fortune in fuel costs over time. Our Active Torque Drive gives the C90 PRO perfectly matched and balanced performance, even when chipping larger branches. This significantly increases both the chipping speed and efficiency of the machine.



  • Cyclone Airflow System®

  • Active Torque Drive®

  • Compact and manageable

  • Honda engine

  • 2 year warranty

  • Easy maintenance

  • High quality components

  • Variable discharge spout 360˚

  • Heavy duty drum bearings


Colour and finish

Colour Ivory white / black / red
Finish Powder coated metal

Dimensions and weight

Feed hopper opening 474 x 344 mm
Feeding height 1050 mm
Discharge spout Swivel 360˚
Max. product dimensions (L/W/H) 2038 x 708 x 1550 mm
Weight 200 kg / 441 lb


Max. diameter of wood 90 mm / 3 ½”
Wood chip production 3-4 m3 chips / h
Processing branches 21 m3 branches / h


Engine HONDA GX390
Capacity 390 cm3
Power 9,6 kW / 13 HP
Max. engine speed 3600 / min
Tank capacity 6,1 l
Consumption +/- 2 l/h
Fuel Euro 95


Chipping blades 2 pcs
Fixed blade 1 pc
Blade length 30 cm